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Audio Mixing

Building emotive, powerful mixes that excite and move your audience. Broadcast spec, to Online, to Radio, to Spotify Ads, to Cinema

Sound Design

Highly realistic, rich and detailed sound design for your film or game. Utilising bespoke recordings, foley and over 200,000 fully licensed SFX to build amazing soundscapes


VO recording on site or remote, field recording in mono, stereo and ambisonic formats, and multitrack music recording in the studio or on location

Game Audio

Immersive, unique and highly crafted sound design, foley and audio engine creation, with exceptional attention to detail

Film Artwork for numerous Hollywood films

One of the best engineers we've worked with due to his consistent quality, fast responses to tight turnarounds and generous flexibility. Dave's a talent in the industry and can't be recommended enough.

Pedro Nascimento, Ignition

Dave is our go-to dubbing mixer and sound designer, who consistently delivers above and beyond the brief. He is always a safe pair of hands, and we value how he approaches projects thoughtfully. His work is always of a high standard.

Erin Sullivan, Amplify

David is an extremely talented engineer, a reliable pair of hands to look after any project. We've always had more than positive feedback from all of our clients that have worked with him!

Troy Smith, CODA Post Production

David is a talented sound designer, we've worked with him across a number of projects with major gaming clients, and he’s always delivered a very high standard and versatile level of work. He’s organised, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Danny Kelleher, Laced Audio
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Screenshot of Pro Tools with an open session, showing the audio timeline and a video of a car racing game

reliable, cost effective audio

Quality audio, delivered on time. Add real value to your project and get outstanding results while protecting your production budget.

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Dialogue clean up

Noisy, poor quality dialogue is distracting and sounds unprofessional. Reverb, noise, hum and clipping can all be reduced or even completely removed, with expert knowledge and today's advanced noise removal tools.

A screenshot of Avid Pro Tools Mix View with multiple audio channels

expertly balanced sound

Professionally mixed audio makes a huge difference to the quality of your film. With a perfect mix of voice, music and sound, you can be sure your audience will be engaged from start to finish, and the audio will translate onto a range of devices.

Loudness Report -23 LUFS Broadcast Specification

Broadcast spec EBU R128

Ensure your TV commercial passes strict broadcast quality & control checks, first time, every time. Avoid costly delays and pass UK and International broadcast specifications with flying colours.

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Fast turnaround

Take the pressure off your production schedule - fast turnaround as standard with regular, clear communication!

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stems done right

A full, comprehensive set of dipped and undipped stems that actually recreate the mix are supplied after final sign off, giving you full control of the project.

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David Bartley AMPS

I’ve built my business by delivering excellent audio on strict deadlines, at well below Central London studio rates. 

In more than 15 years as a freelance audio engineer, I’ve gained significant experience in Soho post-production houses and boutique agencies. My recent work includes some of the biggest theatrical and home entertainment marketing campaigns in the UK.  

For me, mixing is about more than simply balancing the levels of a film. My approach is to tackle each project holistically, crafting a sound that will resonate with the target audience. Where necessary I will add sound design, record foley or clean up dialogue to ensure the best possible result. 

I am also a sound designer for games and game trailers and was delighted to be nominated for the Spilprisen Best Audio Award 2023. Projects include releases from Logic Artists and Activision, although no game will ever be more special to me than Goldeneye, which I played on my N64 during every waking moment of 1997. 

Occasionally I work on passion projects such as live sound engineering for bands and festivals, and recording bands in the studio. I enjoy keeping my portfolio broad as I’m interested in all aspects of sound, and I find that I always learn something from each new project or genre that helps me develop my core work. 

My monthly newsletter is all about sharing what I’ve discovered, and you can sign up for it here. Or if you would like to discuss a forthcoming project, get in touch


David Bartley - Sound Enginer, Sound Designer, Dubbing Mixer